You shoot. We edit amazing videos!

We create client-ready corporate content from existing videos and photos. We will process and edit your materials into stunning snackable video content, video ads, testimonials…

Tailor-made price


Included in the offer « EDITOR »

  • A personal advisor assigned to you
  • Videos handcrafted by our team of experts
  • 2 quality checks to ensure your satisfaction
  • A selection of 3 soundtracks (broadcasting rights included)
  • Subtitle track to improve SEO
  • Fast completion
  • 1 possibilité de modification après réception

Let’s create effective videos!

Upload your footage and we take it from there.

3-minute video editing

We use your photographs and videos to make astonishing editings. We can perform online ads, clients testimonials snackable content or more!
Tailor-made price

Extra features

Have something that doesn't fit into the options above?

Traduction des sous-titres




Livraison Express

Express delivery

Recheche d'image

Stock footage

Montages plus long

Longer editings

Modification supplémentaires

Additional revisions

Over 600 satisfied customers trust us!

How does it work?


Upload your footage

After having talked with our Project Manager (video or phone call), we will edit your video and return it to you by email in line with our discussions.


We edit your video

Your video editing is not performed by software, but is manually done to ensure ultimate quality. We observe 2 quality controls on each video, and we give you the option to rectify it.


Delivery within 5 business days

Thanks to our own technology (allowing us to sort your files and improve color correction + exposure adjustment) we deliver your video within 5 working days only.

Need a 100% personnalized video?

4 reasons to make videos

Why is it necessary to communicate, especially these times?

Gain visibility
Currently, the amount of web users is rocketing: this is the perfect timing to reach more prospects.
Maintain social connection
Internally with colleagues or externally with clients, partners
Stand out
Don’t get yourself forgotten or get behind of competition: be better and faster than your competitors.
Show your adaptability
The current events push us to adapt our sales and marketing strategies.

Need a quote or more information?

Contact us to discuss how much footage you have and what type of video you wish to receive! Our french team will reply within 24 hours.

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