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You just had a wonderful and fun moment with your friends and/or family? It's time to use your best pics and videos into a dynamic movie ready to share! Just upload your best shots on our website, our team will make your party video editing within 72h only.

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How does Rushmix work?

Party video editing in 4 steps


Upload your photos/videos, alone or with friends


Select one or
several soundtracks


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Confirm and receive your video by email within 72h

Options available for your party video editing

To choose at the end of your order

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Removal of the Rushmix logo in the movie editing

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Delivery of my movie in a video album

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Warranty:  modifications of your movie after delivery

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Publish your movie on YouTube (unlisted link)
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Your party video edit, simply!

Rushmix is simple! First, send your photos and/or videos on our website.
These two types of formats are allowed. Were you with friends?
You can invite them to participate to the project. In this way,
they will also be able to send their files.

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Millions of music titles to embellish your video project

We have a wide choice of music titles in our library.  You will surely find
the one you need. If this is not the case, we can advise you on the
music titles that would best fit your project. Then, give us some recommendations
to personalize your film according to your wishes.

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Our professional video editors take care of everything

Behind your film hide editing experts who work with passion to make
unique and incredible films. They take care of picking your most beautiful
photos and/or videos, and will create an impactful and moving summary.
Your film will follow a chronological order for an exceptional memory to keep and share.

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Opinions on our party video editing

    5 star review  Super équipe, très professionnelle, et les films sont tops !

    thumb Liaju Kvz

    5 star review  WOW!!!! Completement dingue ce service! Montage de grande qualite en un minimum de temps. Alors que les competences du cameraman (moi) sont plus qu'approximatives. Milles mercis, je n'hesiterai pas à vous recommander, et reutiliserai sans aucun doute votre plateforme prochainement.

    thumb Alex Gabi Mtmd

    5 star review  Il y a rien à redire. Très beau montage, réalisé rapidement et un suivi très agréable par l'équipe Rushmix. Si vous voulez avoir une vidéo de vos plus beaux souvenirs de vacances, foncez !

    thumb Sarah Cornez