Tips for video editing

We are very pleased to give you some pieces of advice in order to make a premium video editing with your own media.
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Tips #1: Keep your batteries warm

Here are some very simple tips to optimize the autonomy of your batteries, and therefore to film well your winter sport session! No matter if you use your smartphone, your GoPro or a camera to take some videos, cold has a strong impact on the internal resistance of your battery. An icy cold below 0°F may discharge your device in less than one hour.

So we advise you to keep your device away from the wind in the pocket of your coat, or even better, in the inside pocket of your jacket. Do not forget to recharge your device the day before your sport session.

Tips #2 : Be focused on the landscape mode

We often tend to shoot vertically (in a portrait mode) when we take videos with our smartphone: it is a mistake often made with tablets too. Keep in mind that when you do so, you shoot tight and the rendering will have two black margins on the left and right of your TV or labtop screen.

This video tutorial is a simple reminder. Just turn your smartphone horizontally, to get a wide shot, which takes all the space of your screen.

Tips #3 : Be steady!!!

Use both hands to shoot well. Although it seems obvious to stabilize your device, we often forget to hold it well. Another very simple tip: bring your arms close to your body and make sure you are anchored in the ground. Keep in mind that people arround you are moving, not you.

Please always make slow movements. Avoid abrupt or fast movements as much as possible. Stay as calm as if you were doing Yoga! Finally, do not hesitate to use everything that could replace a tripod: a wall, a table, a tree...