Question about video editing?

You are creating a new movie editing project? Please find all our answers to the main asked questions.


The number of files you can upload depends on their size. Example: if you choose a 5 minute-movie, you can upload till 7Gb of files. Depending on the quality of your camera, it could represent 2 hours of videos! However you can upload till 15Gb for a 15 minute-movie editing.

Sorting your files is not mandatory but is always better! Our team will choose the best pictures and/or videos you have to highlight you unbelievable memories. We will also take your precisions into consideration (you can precise your 10 best sequences to highlight), and we will do our best to follow a chronological order. Feel free to rename your files if you want us to be more accurate in your movie editing. By doing so, we will be sure to be closer to your expectations. We advise you to upload your best media because if some are unusable (to shaky or to dark), we won't be able to add them in your movie.

All conventional formats are accepted (GoPro files, camera, camcorders...) : MP4, MPEG, MKV, AVI, MTS et MOV for videos, then JPEG et PNG for pictures.

Rap, Jazz, Pop-Rock, Electro... All music styles are available in our soundtrack librairy. Once your files have been well uploaded, you will be able to choose your soundtrack. We have the copyrights on all our songs, allowing you to share your movie in all social network plateforms. If you want to have your own songs in your movie, please make sure that you have the rights to use it and please contact us by email:


Your movie editing will be delivered in a MP4 format readable in all devices. You can choose a free option at the very end of our process in order to upload your video on Youtube (private link). You will be able to share it easily!

The delivery time is between 3 and 5 working days. Movies that have a length under 10 minutes are delivered in 3 days. Above a 10 minute length, delivery time is about 5 working days.

You can give a Rushmix movie as a gift! Check this out in our product page and click on Gift Cards.

Your movie is made by our team of professionals. We apply 2 quality controls on all our movies.


Of course! Once your movie is made, you will be able to share it on all social network plateforms. As mentionned before, we have the copyrights on all our soundtracks.

You can give us some precisions in order to customize your video editing. After having chosen your soundtracks, you will be able to tell us what are your 10 best sequences (or pictures) to highlight in your video editing. You can also rename all your files if you want us to follow a chronological order, or tell us which part of your best sequences we must keep. Feel free to contact us if you need more information.

You can modify your movie after having received it. This is a €20 option you can choose at the end of the process. This modification request is called « Aller-Retour ». If you do so, please make a list of adjustments and send it to us within 7 days after having received the first version of your movie. Please notice that extra files are not accepted.

You can type your discount code (or gift card code) at the very end of the process."

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